Tech FAQ

1.  How do I get my assignments?

Nothing in my classes is delivered on paper.  All weekly assignments and supplemental reading are delivered through my website.  (Note, this is not the law school’s course management system.  If you try to find my class there, it should redirect to here.)  This means that both administrative materials, such as announcements, as well as course book material, such as supplemental law review articles, must be accessed through the Web.

2.  I have heard that Professor Kang uses something called a v-board.  What is that?

I do not use chalk or markers in the classroom.  Instead, I use a virtual blackboard (vboard) on a computer projected screen.  Anything I would put on the blackboard, I instead put up on the vboard using various programs, including Mindmanager.  At the end of each class, I save that day’s map on a secure “v-board archives” page.  Therefore, you will have a copy of whatever has been put up on the virtual blackboard for later reference.

Important provisoDo not take what’s on the v-board as gospel. It’s just a snapshot of the virtual blackboard, which may include hypotheses, plausible but incorrect answers, student responses, etc. The v-board is intended to assist, not replace, your synthesis of the material.

The v-board page is password protected (provided in-class).  The password will stay in your browser memory for 10 minutes (it’s called a temporary “cookie”).  If you come back to this page after that time period, you will have to retype your password.  Also, always remember to “reload” the page if you think you’re not seeing the most recent content.  Web browsers “cache” or remember web pages from the recent past.

These maps are for your personal use only and cannot be distributed further.

3. Besides office hours and class, is there any way that I can ask substantive questions to Professor Kang?

I do not take substantive class questions through e-mail. Teaching is done more effectively face-to-face. Please meet me in office hours. Or ask me after class. I will, of course, take administrative questions, such a “Why’s the web server down?” and “When’s the exam again?”   You might want to review my various FAQs before asking.