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“This is amazing and a bit uncomfortable to be honest!”
“My life will never be the same.”

Anonymous reviews (from remote talk with 5K viewers)
Tech / Media Company

“That was the best training the Office has offered in the 24½ years I’ve been here.”

Assistant US attorney

I do various forms of consulting, but the standard engagement is “the TALK.” I’ve given many talks on implicit bias and stereotype threat to audiences outside of the academy, ranging from corporate executives to federal judges to hospitals to universities. I take on projects case-by-case.

In choosing my projects, I take into account travel convenience, audience, and the amount of time available for serious intellectual engagement. (If you don’t have at least an hour to learn about the subject, it probably isn’t worth my time or yours.) My goal is to have an impact.

Due to limited time, I charge non-trivial speaking fees. I also provide many pro bono or reduced fee talks, especially to government institutions.

Your talk . . . was inspirational, transfixing and completely effective. You reached the persuadable middle, in a way they won’t forget. I received so many compliments, by those frequently educated in implicit bias or novices to the concept, that this was the best talk on the subject they had ever seen. You read the group perfectly.

Chair of large ABA Section

If you’re still interested, please contact me for more information. Please note that given the constant stream of speaking requests, I decline many invitations.

Here are some multimedia publicly available: