Recording FAQ

No personal recording

Historically, I have not allowed general audio or video recording of class, to maintain privacy and to avoid chilling of conversation on sensitive topics. Without express prior permission, you may not record anything that goes on in the classroom, even if you intend it for entirely personal use. That includes recording via phone, notetaking software, etc.

Official audio recordings will be made available.

I realize that this creates some difficulties especially for students who do not speak English as their primary language. Accordingly, here is my compromise.

I will record the audio of each class by default. The audio will be linked off of the password-protected v-board page for the course.

However, only four classes worth of audio will ever be available at any given time. That means you have about 2 weeks to listen to the audio if you missed the class or need to listen a second time because of language difficulties. Please do not ask me for audio that’s already been taken down, unless there’s some extraordinary reason, such as health or personal emergencies.

One final caveat. There are always technological errors. Although I have no reason to think that there will be problems, don’t be shocked or dismayed if some class’s recording doesn’t come through. Think of this as a backup, not the primary way to engage the classroom.