Implicit Bias Talks

superdiversity conference IAC3009 (300x213)

I’ve given many talks on implicit bias and stereotype threat to audiences outside of the academy, especially to law firms.

I take on projects case-by-case, depending on my availability. For commercial audiences, I charge speaking fees. For non-profit audiences, I strive to provide pro bono or reduced fee talks.

In choosing my projects, I take into account travel convenience, audience, and the amount of time available for serious intellectual engagement. (If you don’t have at least an hour to learn about the subject, it isn’t worth my time or yours.)

If you’re still interested, feel free to contact me for more information. Please note that given the constant stream of speaking requests, I have to decline most invitations. Since I’ve just been appointed to be a Vice Chancellor (starting July 2015), I will have still less time.

Here is some multimedia that is publicly available:

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