Tools FAQ

Folks often ask me about the software I use and like. Here’s my current list.

  • Mindmanager:  the visual outlining program I use in my classes and talks.
    • Disclosure:  I’ve recently been collaborating more with Mindjet on Mindmanager, and Mindjet has launched a pilot project granting licenses to the UCLA School of Law (March 08, 2010).
  • Neo Pro (outlook email supplement)
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium V11
  • Dropbox (share files with others, and keep files synchronized across computers) [referral link]
  • Crashplan (online backup) (switched away from Mozy)
  • Search Everything (free and makes file finding by name so simple that it’s stunning)
  • Archivarius (deeper search within contents of files)
  • XYPlorer (replacement file manager for Windows machines; sophisticated)
  • Tablet PCs with an active digitizer pen, which permits inking
  • pdfAnnotator (allows marking up of pdfs)
  • screenshot captor (easy screen grabs)
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