• A Critique of Law and Economics, UCLAW L&E Student Association (2010 11 17)  :: mindmap
  • 07 CNN Interview on Affirmative Action (linked 2007 05 20)
    As always, soundbites aren’t helpful. Here’s what’s important to know:

    • Treating Asians worse than Whites is “negative action” and there’s no justification for it
    • Treating Asians the same as Whites is “neutral action”, and this may be justified even if both groups suffer indirect burdens in light of affirmative action given to other groups
    • To learn more about these concepts, see Negative Action against Asian Americans
    • For a general introduction to affirmative action and Asian Americans, see Beyond Self-Interest
    • To learn more about what recent research from the mind sciences says about this topic, see my Fair Measures article
  • 07 Rutter Award for Excellence in Teaching (April 2007) :: wmv
  • 06 Behavioral Realism: Future History of Implicit Bias and the Law, OSU, Nov. 06 ::videostream (realplayer) :: audio (mp3)
  • 06 American Constitution Society Convention :: Next Generation Discrimination Videostream (initial remarks start around 9:30mins in, with Q&A after speakers complete)
  • videostream of panel (after Nick Yee & Aaron Delwiche; also Q&As)
  • 04 Tech Talk @ Google (Common Sense) (with Dana Cuff & Mark Hansen)(videostream starts at minute 23)
  • 03 RFID Privacy Workshop @ MIT, Summation (Nov 15, 2003) :: videostream