Terrific Resources on Implicit Bias and the Courts

by jerrykang on April 1, 2012

The National Center for State courts have produced terrific resources for the problem of implicit bias and the courts.

“Helping Courts Address Implicit Bias” is available at: http://www.ncsconline.org/D_Research/ref/implicit.html


From NCSC:

The resources include the report of the three pilot educational programs on implicit bias and shorter excerpts from the large report that can be used as stand-alone pieces for presentations, judicial education programs, committee meeting discussions, and so forth. Specifically, the four resources include:

1. Helping Courts Address Implicit Bias: Resources for Education describes and evaluates the three pilot judicial education programs on implicit bias and offers lessons learned. It also includes appendices with resource materials for programs on implicit bias.

2. Addressing Implicit Bias in the Courts briefly describes the implicit bias phenomenon and outlines potential strategies that court professionals can use to combat implicit bias.

3. Implicit Bias: Frequently Asked Questions addresses some common questions about implicit bias and what contemporary science tells us about this cognitive phenomenon.

4. Strategies to Reduce the Influence of Implicit Bias identifies conditions that may give rise to implicitly biased judgment or behavior and details seven general approaches to address implicit bias in the courts based on current scientific research.

Related to this is a paper called “Implicit Bias in the Courtroom” that I co-authored with eight others including Tony Greenwald (inventor of the IAT), Judge Mark Bennett, and Pam Casey (principal researcher at the NCSC).

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